Husband Having extra maritual affair

Hello Sir, My marriage[ Love Marriage] is 3.5 years old,I am staying in my in laws house with them but my husband left the house and staying with another woman. Kindly suggest me what to do I am very confuse. ## My Husband is LAWER. 1] Husband is not ready to leave that woman. 2] I am totally dependent on my in law they are handling all expenses. 3] Husband ask me sign on some register paper which allows him to marry with another woman. 4] I do not want to give him divorce because he made my life like a hell. 5] Also I have 2 years old daughter. 6] Due to his profession he had already file a FALSE Complaint against me , as If I tried for sucide attempt in future then he is not responsible for that. 7] Second complaint file against me as I am always taking doubt on him. 8] Myself and my mother in law had also caught him redhand in another room with that woman but I do not have any proof. 9] Always he told me if I want to live with him then i had to accept that woman, if not then he would not accepting me also. 10] I am very nervous and helpless kindly guide me or suggest.