Claim for pending salary & termination letter not given by employ

Dear sir/Mam I started to working on Ranchi Collectorate, Ranchi, Jharkhand's (Revenue Section) under Additional Collector, Ranchi on Daily Wages Computer Operator from May-2005. Every process for appointment on contractual basis were done and the file was sent to department of Revenue & Land Reform, Jharkhand Ranchi, through Commissioner. The file was sent back to Ranchi Collectorate saying that the Deputy Commissionar (DC) is eligible to person to appoint. From that time I was regular to my work and doing my work sincerely on the office. On August-2010, my salary payment was stopped from may-2010. I asked my office to give me the salary but additional collector, Ranchi told me that Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ranchi has terminated your job on July-2010 only. They show me the office order sheet of my personal file on that Deputy Commissioner (DC), Ranchi, has written ???? ???? ???????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ????? ??? ???? ????? ?? NIC/JAP IT ?? ????? ?? ???? ???. Sir they were taking work from me after that also. Sir main matter was my salary increment I was demanding to increase my salary against the finance department letter of Jharkhand. I gave a letter for the increasing my payment from 5500/- to 7500/-. The letter was sent to establishment section. there they asked me for my appointment letter that i was in contract or in daily wages. I told them every thing verbally and when they not agree with that then i asked for it in RTI from the office. Sir my May-2010 to August 2010 salary is not given to me yet. After that I started job on District transport office, Ranchi from Sep-2010, I was sent there by NIC, Jharkhand. Total 10 persons were appointed as a computer operator on the office I was working there. every thing was going well on the office. On July-2013 new District transport officer (DTO) was appointed and taken the charge of DTO. The office was running well but DTO, Ranchi started asking money from us (all Computer operators) a sum of 250/- per day. Sir we get a salary @9100/- per month. I refused to give the money then he started to torcher me and started to blame me unnecessary. He call all of us on every holiday and tells us to work on office. even on festivals also we were asked to come to office and do the work. On 31, may-2014, a press person caught a vender while doing correction on the government register on office and there was some problem on Driving licence room for photography he published the matter on news paper. The matter was not related to me then also DTO blamed on me and he terminated my job on may-2015. I requested him for my termination letter but he did not give me the letter till now a day. I complained about it to higher authorities also but they also did not help me. Sir what to do now. Niraj Kumar, Ranchi, Jharkhand