Cheated by my gf

My muslim gf got her kullanama in nov 2014.later she stayed live in relationship with me till june june 2015..i realised she was in touch with her ex-hubby and something was fishy....we had an argument for the same. a week later , she did a police complaint of mine with the ex-hubby for harassment...her ex-hubby with the help of local police , abused me of dire consequences...i am in state of shock...i have learnt now she is staying with her ex-hubby and they claim kullanama is null is void....we were in relationship from last 7 years...she completely destroyed my family life....i want to take legal action against the fraud couple....need a legal advise for the same.. 1.) as per muslim law, can her ex-hubby says he is her legal husband in front of police even after they are legally divorced in court and front of maulvi and 3 talaaqs have been uttered. 2.) can they stay as legal couple.....without doing per muslim law... 3.) by giving false information to the police that now they are married....can he be punished under criminal act for gving false intention to police with intention to injure me > 4.) when police detained me on their complaint....they deleted my email account...where i had all the evidence of my her ex-hubby had setup with it right for police officer to delete my email account where proof of innocence was there... what action can i take against them.... i have recovered my email account later the one which was deleted in police station.....but i do have proof by gmail....that my account was deleted at the time when i was in police station for investigation.....if the complaint was nc.....can cop detain me for 7-8 hours without telling me what is complaint all about and not allow to speak to my lawyer ??? plz help.... having sleepless nights bcoz of all these... thanx.