Transfer Of Property On The Name Of Daughter

I Am The One Daughter Of The Four Children Of My Father. We Are Two Sons & Two Daughters From The Mother & Father. Mother Expired 5+ Years Ago And Father Expired 4.5+ Years Also, I Am Widow, (From Past 12.5 Years) (My Husband Hasn't Left Any Property For Me) My Another Sister Is NOT Widow, She Is Well-Settled With Her Husband Having Her Own Personal Home & Business. From Past 18.5 Years, I Am Living In A Home (Which Is On The Name Of My Father) Which Includes Two Floors Of "One Room". & One Terrace Of Half Room. HOME Is Above The Small Shop (Which Used To Be The Shop Of My Father, After His Death, Brothers, Especially, Small Brother & Son Of Big Brother Conducting Business There And What They Have Done Is , They Forcefully Even After Criticism Made, Second Room Of Home Is Godown, Half Room Of Terrace As Godown, Stairs As Godown And We Are Left With Just One Room, Whose Balcony Is Also Godown, I Am A Lady Living With My Only Son) My Father Un-Officialy(It Is Still On Name Of My Father, But, He Had Given Word) Already Gifted That HOME To Me & My Husband As We Didn't Had Much Money, That Time, We Have Proofs & Evidences For That, Unfortunately, My Husband Expired After 6 Years Living In That House, Without Leaving Any Property, After Becoming Widow, From Past 12.5 Years, I Am Living With My Only Son Who Is 21 Years Old, In This House, But, From Past Around 4 Years, Just In One Room, Due To Indirect Torcher Of Brothers. My Father Also Has One More Property As " HOME " Where My Both Brothers Live. It Is 6X-7X More Costlier Than The Our HOME. They Are Living There With Their Wife & Children's From There Marriage. It Is Ancestoral Home. Now, I Want My HOME, That Is On The Name Of Father Should Transfered On The Name Of Myself & If Accordingly, In The Total Divided, If Still Any Share Left In That Property, I May Use To Get That. So, That, I Can Legally Order My Brothers To Empty The Godown From Home. Now, Death Certificates. Property Papers. & ALL. Brothers Are Carrying With Themselves Without Concert Of Me. Please Advice Me. Thanks In Advanced.