Reply of legal notice sent by husband

My husband sent me a legal notice to come back to his parents home. After 2 months of my marriage my widow mother-in-law got toxic. She was taking his son all the time time with her. She was also making him stop to have physical relation with me. Later she started brain washing to my husband like new tricks to take money from me, telling him always to be angry on me, beating me, locking main door of house when all family members go out, firstly allowing me to go my parents house later blaming that I always use to go there, for each and every thing she keeps blaming me, spoiling my name to all relatives and neighbors, not allowing to talk me to parents, both lie and blame on me, knocking door continuously when me and husband gets physically, etc My husband keeps listening to her every point and keeps shouting on me and pushing me. Due to this I went to my brother's home with my all cloths and stuff. Later my husband phone called me and said we will buy new home for us. I thought might be my husband is getting improve so I agreed. He was looking for property but later they trapped was joint name of me and husband for property. Initially he said I don't have money you first pay. I thought something is getting wrong. So I told from your end pay something. So he took money from relative and he said I have to give money to his mom and his brother is not working so you return money to his relative after 3 months. I got it looks wrong but safe a side I registered property completely on my name. After that my husband became very angry on me started shouting , blaming on me. Atleast I was at my brother's home so was safe. He and his mother keeps shouting to my family members even don't talk calmly atall even don't listen the things with understanding of my parents. When I get back to my in laws house after property buying my husband started again loving me back and his mother became more toxic to me, started throwing my cooked food, always talking about the death of your loved one, blaming for everything. By looking her behavior I went back to my brother's home. My husband was ready to come with me new house but my mother in law stopping to go out from her own house. Even she black mailed him she needs old age care for herself. Now my husband is not leaving her atall for single day. My husband wants her to take to new house and she wants to give her own home on rent to earn money. My husband wants his brother to stay some days to relatives home later he wants to shift in New home which I have purchased. When I denied for this then She brain washed my husband to take divorce from me. Even brain washed to all relative and neighbours that I am worst. She is taking sympathy from people and making everyone's to against me and blame me. I am not getting what should I do. I have never been in such condition and such people. I have married tag which will affect me on society. Please let me know whether my husband will behave good in future?