Joint gift deed

Sir /madam , My father died 1 yr ago . I am from uttarakhand . After his death virasat is not done yet and property is still undivided . Our property is now within municipal area as per circle rate book and g.o. but still its khatauni is coming from tehsil . In our family my father left no will . In our family there are mother, 3 brothers, and we are 4 sisters . Now as per upza only the names of my mother and my brothers can come in virasat but not in daughters ( 2 daughters married and i am unmarried ) as per section 171 of upza but as now a days as per HSA 2005 daughters also have share in agricultural land too as well . But for this we have to go to court which consumes time and money both . So now our mother and brothers decided to gift there undivided part from 1 khasra in which they are 3 are legal heirs according to section 171 of upza give a gift deed jointly ( mother and 2 brothers ) in one gift deed from one khasra to 1 sister and same to all . My question is :- 1) is it legal . 2) can property easily transfer in our name by this gift deed 3) any more your precious advice 4) is there can be any problem regarding possession