Propert Dispute

Hi, Im Swati, we are from dehradun and my father has two brothers and 6 sisters (total 9). my grandfather died in 1999, he didn't distributed his property when he died. In 2001 my uncle has submitted a will in the court that his father has given his property to him and he also has a share of 1/9 in his grandfather property (he put sisters name as well in the property so that they will be on his side) . As per them this will was found in my aunt's parents home and the witness was his sister's husband. My Aunt is very cunning lady and working in center Secretariat Dehradun. She has good contact with police and in the court as well. My father is retired from private job, he tried his best and fought for the property still we couldn't won the case because he missed so many dates given by the court (due to finance we couldn't pay money to the lawyers). My uncle died in 2008 and they also won the case. My father has taken this case to the high court now and we are still fighting for it. In 2011 we were building a house near our ancestral house, but my aunt again has taken a stay in all our property , now we cant even sell the property and construct anything. My father sisters are busy with their family and has no interest in our property. My father is 64 years old now and fighting for his rights since 15 years. Please advise what can be done and if you think this fake will can be open up, what would be the procedure.