Question regarding crpc 125

My wiife has filed crpc 125 and sec 9 against me.I am an govt employee and my wife is not working .She is B-com passed and admitted in her crossing that she can give tutions to small children.She left my house on [deleted] when i was on duty and she also mentioned in her affidavit the same date and has given affidavit that i am in my fathers house from [deleted] ,when i was on duty.After 25 months of counselling and procedings ,now she has changed the statement and date and giving another affidavit in reply that i had left her on [deleted]. I am having documentary proof that on complete [deleted] i was out of station.except that there are many more allegations she had put on me and i am having documentary proofs.Can a lady give wrong affidavits and blame a husband. she has no proof against her alligations and i am prooving that her alligations are wrong. can all these alligations can save me from crpc 125.I am having a son and and i have mentioned in my affidavit that i am ready to pay for him.Can my wife get maintenance.