Police complaint by wife for dowry and beating

Hi, I got a call from local police station saying my wife filed a fake complaint for dowry and beating for dowry. Police has called me and my family to local police station. Can they arrest me and my family? The girl did the complaint on friday so that i dont get time to do anything. What is the case they can file legally? Does police called means its for counselling? What shall i be carefull about if i shall go on police call? Also shall i file a case for divorce first? Shall i go to police station or it is fine if i do not go? Shall i get a bail first and then go? If i shall get a bail how may i go about it? what can i do in this case? My wife is staying away from house since past 6-7 months and i never done anything bad with her. They are doing false complaint to create pressure to get her back. She went with all her belongings with her own will. I have proper whatsapp chat and recording of her father saying we did not do any demand. What is the best way to go about it? I dont want to stay with her any longer. They tried to create pressure first on me and my family. They brought 25-30 people at my home to scare me and shouted when i was not at home. Please suggest what can i do? Thanks