False 498a case and Divorce after that

My wife filed a false 498a case in 2016 in Civil court against me, my elder brother, and my sister As I live with my sister. I have all the things to prove this case false like call recordings, and other documents. But Judge of the Civil court does not hear us, neither demand any proof of our innocence. Every time we go on the date of hearing, Judge performs only paperwork, takes our signature, and tells us to leave the court. It has been now 4.5 years, we go on a hearing date every time and always remain unheard. Now Judge has given us the date of Judgement on 25 Jan 2021. And I am not sure what decision the Judge will take, there can be two chances: Either 1.) We can win the case. OR 2.) The judge can dismiss the case. Regarding this My doubts are the following: (Note: I have a child (6.5 years) with her.) 1.) What kind of situation can arise after the judge will choose among these two options (chances) above. Can she file the petition for this case again in a higher court? 2.) What can i do for taking divorce from her after any of the judgment? 3.) Can she came to me again if the case is dismissed? What should i do to prevent this because i want divorce. 4.) If I win the case, can she still demand for maintenance in case of divorce? [Note: She is also earning this time independently, and I have a Medical store shop (under loan).] and what should i do to save me from any of maintainance charge. 5.) What action i can take immediately after the judgment? Please provide me solution.