Husband wants to divorce but wife doesn't want

Hi, I have been married for 3 years which was a love marriage. However, after the marriage, I came to realise that she has changed a lot. There was no support from her end. There was a huge lack of understanding. Continuous fights over petty issues, doubting me with any random person, possessiveness, even insulting me in front of my friends. Constant cribbing about my parents and saying foul things about my mother. There was a huge adjustment which I have to make to stay in the marriage. There was no financial support from her end even though she is working. To sustain I have to work two jobs which were taking a toll on me. Still, she never cared about it since we were living a comfortable life. The last nail was she insulting my parents in front of me and accusing my parents of mental harassment who took her as their own daughter. They loved her too much and gave all the pampering but if they scold her that was mental harassment according to her. Now, initially, she initiated the divorce process by talking to a lawyer and I agreed to it. But, later she changed her mind and decided not to divorce. However, now I am adamant about it and I want to get a divorce for which she threatened me that if I file she will not give consent and will put charges on me for mental harassment. Now, we are living together in the same house but stay in different rooms. I want to get free from her and it's getting frustrated day by day. What are my options here? What can I do to get a divorce from her?