Check bounce

Dear sir, Hi this is Raghu Vamshi Krishna, i will directly come to the point. I intended to do MSc in canada so i went to the consultancy to fasten the process and i have paid nearly 4lacs as tution fees to the college through them and some as processing fee they have delayed my process and didnot inform me how they gonna file the document. Later i was informed rejection. As they used the whole money for their personal purpose. Later we got a check for the amount that was bounced, same they continued and we got four checks of similar kind so we filed a case of check bounce and its been going on since 8 months to a year no conclusion yet and our lawyer they are not informing any information regarding the case and we are asked to show the person personally so they issue arrest warrant, is that so and lawyer is not responding to us. Will the check bounce take that much time and we directly have to fight the case instead of the lawyers. please clarify on this , As we gave written letter of the consultancy that they have the money and check given by them and messages and calls list is that not enough