Wife Using Abuses and threatening suicide

In 2013 spouse falsely alleged on domestic violence and took a written declaration to return to family. Given in writing for the sake of the 5 year old child. After return and even currently spuse continously threatening to rejuvenate a similar issue like before with her family. He family is absolutely low standard in terms of morality and have the tendency of tremendous false allegations and stating false facts. Behaviour of spouse have become extremely volatile in recent days trying to barge out of the house without communicating. My fear is in case she committs a heinous move on herself (leaves home or committs suicide), her family will litigate me inspite of no role of myself. She uses abusive behaviour in the house on both me and my child and always mention about her will to leave the family. In 2018, when I used to live distantly from my child and wife sue to job reasons, then she inflicted mental torture on the child, which manisfested in the child's behaviour issues. She always tried to establish the child as having autism. I am afraid that the child is udergoing a turmoil in his child age when he is seeing his mother behave in such a way against family. I have tried to pull her up for marital consultation in NIMHANS but she has continually avoided