Rectification of Sale Deed when Seller and Buyer are not alive

This is related to Rectification (T.S.No and Block No correction) of sale deed when both seller and buyer are not alive. Property is located in chennai. Myself and My mother are. Legal heirs of property. We are owning property for past 25 years by paying all Govt Taxes. Sale deed of document is in my father's name which was registered during 1995 . Property has history of transactions like 1968,1978 and 1995 . In 1968 sale deed, only R. S. No had been mentioned which is correct and 1978 sale deed, R. S. No and T. S. No . In 1995 , my father had bought the same by mentioning the same R. S. No and T. S. No as like parent document. Recently came to know that T.S.No and Block No mentioned in sale deed document is not correct. But R. S. NO mentioned in the sale deed is correct. This incorrect T. S. No and Block Number had been carried from previous deed which was registered during 1978.How can we rectify T. S. No and Block Number in 1978 and 1995 deeds? . I have also approached Tahsildhar office and obtained dully Tahsildhar signed Report for Correct T. S. No and Block Number.Please share your suggestions. What could be the court fee for the same if any court procedures are involved for rectification ? Thanks