Rights on property of deceased unmarried hindu male without will

Hi , my age is 65 and hindu. I have a brother(unmarried 58 and died 1 year ago without will) and sister (married 65 died 2 years ago). My father passed away without will almost 50 years ago. All the property we acquire from inherited property. My unmarried brother before marriage sells 1 acre of agriculture land and at that time we produce a document mentioned that we orally divide the assets before 1982 and now divide and selling the property on the same accordance. He sells the property and died with partly registered (leaving 14 cents). I produce the document that he is under my supervision till death and I registered the property. Now my sister children send a court notice demanding that the property which we acquired through the 1980 document is invalid, 1 acre which my brother sells is invalid and ask us to divide the whole property divide into 2 parts.. We assume even according to new law that we need to divide the property into 3 parts and my brother is under my supervision till last breath, so can I acquire his property mentioned the same ?