Legal construction demolished and diverted land measurement is done wrongly

I have constructed my house in approx 800 sq ft whreas i have legal papers of only 615 sq ft. Municiple corporation of bilaspur CG has give notice of only 3 days to demolish Extra construction and while doing so they demolished total 400 sq ft leaving my total possession only 400 sq ft. Afterwards i requested demarcation of my property through revenue officials by submitting an application to tehsildar.on deamrcation report they say that i have possesion of my land as per revenue records which is 615 sq ft but also mentions that my possesions are limited to remaining house built which is only 400 sq feet. I felt devastated...i approached highcourt in the meanwhile where my advocate challenged the notice of municiple corporation but highcourt disposed of my pleadings saying since the demolition has already been carried away we can do nothing and u have the liberty of claiming remedy through common law. Now i dont know what to do. First my construction in even legal land has been demolished.. Second revenue demarcation report says that i m in possesion of my recorded land 615 ft but the map it attaches and the terms used in report that only that part on which house is built left me with only 400 sq feet. Plz help me guys plz