Complain against keralite who is the owner of a uae company

My husband is been cheated by a malayalee company owner in uae.the owner had promised to pay for the food nd accommodation and a salary of aed 3000.but they did not pay for the food and accommodation and had given late salary.the owner showed aed 4500 in the agreement which was husband worker there only for two he is been terminated and asked to go back india by 5th of july which the owner bears the ticket charges. Its been nearly a month for now the had not given the air ticket ans has not cancelled the visa. His Emirates id card and passport is under the owner's custody.when calling over phone he says he will clear out everything the very next and this sayings is goin on since a the owner is not picking up his husband is running out of money by staying there without a job.we had to sell our household items and vehicle and had to vacate our rented flat as he was running out f money.pls tell me if i can file a case against the company owner and his brother who had promised me to look after his needs as my husband had not other contacts to help him out.