Dear Sir, I had a case on me u/s 354 six years back. I was 18 years at that time. I was playing with children. one child (girl) was playing with us. She was only 5years. While playing the girls cloths were gone up and peoples running besides to her had seen this and they told that u were doing wrong things with this child, and they put a complaint against me u/s 354. the complainer was residing on rent in our area. After the complaint, Don't know where they were gone. i had never seen them from last 5 years. Even after complaint they were not interested in the complaint and even not attended any dates given by court. I wants to close this case from my end as it is affecting my present job. Can you give me any suggestions. I also met advocate who had involve in bail for me. He was saying just to give money to him, he is not giving any suggessions. even he is not interested because he is having lots of clients. can you give me any ideas related to this to close my case. I am not very rich.. I am from middle class family. Please help Sir