WIfe submited false Dowry Allegation

I'm 32 yrs old. Wife is 31 yrs old. We have a girl baby 1.5 yrs old. Married (May 2017) for 2.5 yrs. Her dad gave interest free loan of about 40 LAKHS and she took 60 lakhs LOAN from HDFC bank. She pays the entire loan and her dad's loan as well. So her entire salary goes off for our house. My dad felt they are building an asset in her salary and you are spending all liabilities. So asked them to write the house on both of our names. Now This became a BIG FIGHT and she threatened, myself and my parents to not enter the house we were living. So I came out of the house from 2019 DEC till today. Now wife has put false allegations on me like dowry and domestic violence and asked for divorce. Her Uncle is a lawyer (30 yrs exp) and X bar council president so they are threatening me that they will screw my life. Case is happening at wife's parents place. In first vakalath itself her uncle (lawyer) shouted asking for straight divorce. They don't want MEDIATION it seems. But judge said that's not possible. Now during the 1st sitting for meditation she came along with her uncle and sat for 1 min and went away after signing and without uttering a world. But her Uncle forced the mediator to leave them as he doesn't need counselling but only divorce. So mediator also did not ask anything to them after they left, "I voluntarily said that I'm willing to live with her if she promise not to repeat the mistakes"