Best steps to take before divorce my wife

Hi, My age is 31 and my wife age is 25. We married 2 years ago. We have no children yet. I just want to know what is the best procedure to safeguard myself if I want to divorce my wife. She always show a attitude that she can live without me. And this mentality is growing day by day. I can't take it more. When ever she goes to her family then she don't contact me properly and unnatural behavior. She is not working. And never worked (Job). Shae just completed exam of graduation. I hope the result will be pass mark. I am only Graduate. A year ago we had a certain misunderstanding and then she certainly refused to came back to my house. I think her mother is behind all of this. I went to her house and request her and then she came. Please I need help. I think she may not be perfect for me. Maybe we and my family be in trouble because of her later. So Tell me what cautions step I can take from now so that we can safeguard our self in near future or whatever. Currently she is learning sewing from an institute. It's a 1 year Course. And I pay for it. We are happy family. I have my mother, father two brother and their wife. All in a same house. Everyone is happy and good in nature. But she have different mentality. I just want to take steps from now so that if in near future she do any wrong and file any wrong thing against me then I can safeguard myself. I don't want to give her alimony. On thing, her mother also forced her dad to leave home. And they are separated from last 10 years. We don't have any contact with him. Please suggest me some good opinion. What proof should I start gathering from now?