Wife seeking separation and me not!

Hello sir / madam My wife is seeking for divorce and I am not willing She is working in state govt and I work in pvt at abroad My questions are 1) as of now she has just asked for mutual and I have not yet met her after coming back from abroad .. literally I am not aware of her move , what she is planning for .. she messaged me not to come home . 2) with out understanding her move regarding separation (as she is just telling the same answer that we will separate , ) is it wise move to apply for restitution of conjugal rights and if so what are the advantages and disadvantages of it when I win or loose being male ? 3) Also if I am at abroad whether applying for RCR will have any disadvantages? 4) RCR can be withdrawn at any time after filing? 5) Are there any disadvantages if we withdraw? 6) Since I will be at abroad ( working) and my wife will be india , whether court accept my RCR application? 7) I was away from family from last 1 year due to job and corona , does this period can be considered as period of separation ( 1 year) for starting the separation process ? I was in touch with my wife and kid , through WhatsApp messages .. all problems started from August 2020 since then I am sending WhatsApp messages and she is not responding to my messages at all and not blocked my no also . 8) can she claim for alimony is she wins the separation, as she works in secure job ( government) 9) can I claim for alimony if I quit my job and comeback to india ? 10) can she eligible to claim alimony when she herself is applying for separation? 11) can whatsapp messages / call records , claiming I drink and and scolded her many times (WhatsApp messages) in drunken state can be considered as a proof to support separation ( mental harassment / cruelty) ? 12) is it advisable to take anticipatory bail ( as I am completely unaware of her move now ) 13) can she proceed with mutual even when I don’t sign on papers considering I am away from India from last 1 year ? If not what can be her moves in support of separation process to start ? I4) what to do if she threatens to sign me on papers? Else she is threatening that she will commit suicide ( I have not recorded the phone conversation) Sorry for many questions πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™