After marriage incident story

I am telling you to what happens after the court marriage we have done court marriage at Delhi tes hazari court on 10th march. we called to her home and tell that we have done the court marriage at Delhi the after that they shocked and her mother getting ill her father ask to her where are you we are come to get back you i tell to her father don't worry we will not run we will come at home after that at 2 am we reached to her home at ludhiana on night they were angry but i told her father i want to meet to you but you are threat me you are going to fir so what we will do after that he called the police i show the marriage certificate to the police mens and they are getting me to the police station after night on 11th march they giving the money to the police under the table and the police men lay to the in the front on SHO and he ask to me why are u take the girl to Delhi i told told him for the marriage after the he was nothing ask to me and call the constable and say put this boy into the custody and they put me to the jail for 10 hours after that the police men threaten to the girl we will kill the boy otherwise you told him i want a divorce girl was scary so she told me i want a divorce but she signed me the police men do this thing i know that police had no power of divorce so i signed on the stamp paper and getting out to police station now i want my wife back i don't want divorce. Now i done the case file into the ambala court. But now i have got a news they have done the another marriage without divorce. I can apply the 494 act i don't have any proof they done the marriage her. Please help me. Please Sugges me sir now what can i do