Terrace damage and your throwing garbage

Hello Sir/Madam, My name is Harkeerat and I stay in bangalore with my sister. In front of my house there is a company called sign post, now this company is constructed joining the walls of our house and without leaving any space. With this we are facing aloy of issues as the people working at the company throw garbage at our terrace, cigarette boxes, wet tissues and so on. Along with this the office has a rain water harvest pipe which gets blocked or has not taken any proper measure when it was built, due to which my terrace is badly damaged and the pipes have got rusted. We reached out to the owner of the office building many times and the office staff to repair the damage cost and stop throwing the garbage but there is not use, they simply ignore us. We are orphans our parents passed away and we are financially not good to fight with them to put a case on them. And its no use to reach out to police as they won't take any action, so in such case what can we do to get our work done. Your advice is much needed to us.