Maintenance penalty

My society is registered under gujarat housing act in vadodara. We are not residing in the society. We are staying in nagpur due to job reason.we had paid the maintenance from jan 2019 to April 2019.then there was discussion on the watsapp building group regarding paid 1 year maintenance to the builder. looking at those msgs we did not pay further maintenance.on 31st Dec 2020 we got a call saying that we have to pay penalty of around 11000 for not paying maintenance.they made some byelaws in the society and we were not informed about the penalty as we were not in meeting .they had msgd on watsapp group which we did not we have paid the remaining maintenance, but they are threatening us that they won't allow any tenement till we pay our penalty also they will not give us nomination papers until we clear the dues. I had asked the member to give me in writing about the maintenance calculation, but they refuse. Can a society stop the tenement from entering if the penalty is not paid and can they stop the paper process like nomination paper and all ??