Crpc 125

One of my friend lived with his my wife for 04 years along with their child who is just 05 years in one state and then decided to migrate along with house hold articles to his wife's parents place living in other state. Husband went to office guest house offered by the company and wife went to her parents place. After, couple of weeks time, husband asked his wife to return but wife denied upfront and disconnected the call using profanities. After few days, wife called her husband informing that his child is looking for him so asked to come down. Husband went to his wife parents place met with his child and pleaded his wife to return but still did not return. Husband returned to his flat all alone and contacted lawyer to get legal advise. Hired a lawyer and filed section 9 RCR advised by the lawyer and notice was sent to wife but no result till date. Then decided to move other state where his elder brother/mother was living which was informed to the lawyer. Asked his wife to return along with the child multiple times but she did not return till date. Both husband and wife are living separate close to 2.5 years and still husband is looking forward to his child and wife. Now, few days ago husband received maintainence notice and contacted the same lawyer who filed section 9 RCR but asking to come down to his wife state. Lawyer is saying husband can file child custody and unofficially will try to get the child in police station so that husband can meet. Looking forward for expert legal advise as it is an terrible ambiguity situation.