My ex blackmailing me to give money.

We am in Bangalore am doing the course, one elder laddy behind me she already had a boyfriend that time... but is always back of me saying that love you love you... she used to prepare food and get me... she is 4 years elder than me .... so i don't know what happened to me I fell in love with her... we are in 6 months relationship...I haven't done any intercourse except kissing, hugging and touching... she started demanding money and gold... every month i use to give more than 10k.. fist she asked me diamond nose pin.. I purchased and given to her... after that she started demanding gold so in 110 grm got one big haara... i don't have money that time so i kept 4L personal loan and given to her..after that she told me that marry her... i told will inform about our relationship at home.. she didn't agree for that... once i went to her home and spoke with her father about our relationship.. his father said no one is coming to see my daughter because she is not looking good and more we got fight she told me i ll trough your gold on your face this that... and she is cristian am hindhu... every time she use to tell her ex boy friend is better than me... so she told that if you marry me i ll listen whatever you say...that time also i told her come to my home will inform to parents, but she refused to come and forced me to marry her.. we went to one room with 4 friends and tied mangalasutra... she kept that mangalasutra on her neck one 3 days and she removed... after that also we didn't do any intercouse.. just hugging, kissing and touching... then also i called multiple time my home, she refused to come.. then she started demanding more gold and money.. every month use to give her more than 10k and purchesd her 32 gms chain, gold bangales, black perl chain .. full of personal loan... after that also she use to tell me leave me and go marry your hindu girl now also my ex boyfrind is ready to accept... your not worth for me ... we never stayed together ... in my home also started looking girl..that time also i told her to come home.. she is not ready to come and not ready to inform about your fake marriage at she sent mail that marry your hindu girl i won't truble to you and wont disturb you.. she told dec 2020 my marriage is there so delete all our photos and my parents contact number am also deleting... so i believed her and deleted evrythin.. because we didn't marry with the acceptance of parents and not registerred too... and i married another girl whom my parents shown.. then again she came back and blackmailing me to give money or else she ll info parents and my company.. she told if you give how much i ask i never disturb and i ll marry in may 2021 . so taken handloan 210000 and given to her.. after 3 days no msgs .. now again started blackmailing.. what i can do legally please give me your valuable suggestions..