Misuse of posco and awwa

I’m writing this on behalf of my friend who is currently serving in Indian Army. When he filed for divorce his wife started emotional blackmailing mentioning POSCO and also getting him through AWWA. I know him personally from past 15+years and his wife is not accusing me of having an affair with him. She is emotionally torturing me by getting hold of my my number and my mother’s number and texting nonsense to us and also spreading my child’s photos to random people with weird titles. She was under psychiatric treatment for depression and suicide tendencies and now she is using that as a shield to protect herself and threatening everyone that she would kill her son if anyone goes against her. Her son is being treated badly( reported by many witnesses) since the divorce case is under honourable court my friend’s family is helpless. She is threatening to even go ahead and file dowry abuse and domestic violence after 10 yrs of their marriage. Kindly note that my friend and his wife were classmates and they got married when he turned 21 and got govt job under her pressure. Now everything is highly complicated and it’s mentally difficult to deal. She wants gold and cash if not she is planning to file fake POSCO cases. Kindly advise.