Need rights to live in a shared property

Myself nd my husband living in a small house compared to my in laws and brother in law which all have sufficient space for them.we are having 3.5 girl baby and new born.we already told them v r in inadequate space with kids kindly interchange portions or else allow us build house in vacant land which is own property of father in law..but what v living s shared property of father in law father property hope it vil belongs to all sons...there are 3 sons my husband is last mother harassing me talking in bad words we will not give you property get out of house...and saying it's ur fate to live in a 10x10 room...we can't do anything..but husband monthly giving money for their first brother in law threatened our in laws to don't give land for them to built he wanted to built house since he s having sufficient space for him in ground nd MIL in first floor separate portions...ours s too small... currently our portions leaking when rains even electricity shock may in laws didn't care about us getting money from us and talking bad daily giving mental torture..shall I faill complaint about monther in law nd brother in law