How to cancel the modt without original modt certificate

Cancellation of Registered Mortgage Deed w/o Original Mortgage Document I am the current owner of the property registered in the year 2011 as sale deed. I got to know through the encumbrance certificate taken recently of past 25 year that the erstwhile owner from whom I had bought the property had taken a loan in 1991 & 1997 respectively but had not cancelled the mortgage deed in the registered office & concealed this information that she had forgotten to cancel it I reached out to the loan authority asking them to cancel the mortgage deed, as I am the current owner from 2011. I was informed by the bank authority that to get the original MODT to cancel it & upon my informing them that the owner is not traceable & hence I am unable to get the MODT original certificate. They asked me to check with the registrar office with this query & let them know, if the SRO is fine with certified copy to cancel the MODT. My question is can the SRO cancel the MODT without the original MODT certificate? Kind regards, Abdul Basith