Maintenance Charges prior to Registration

Hello, I have booked Ready to move flat in Bangalore in Dec 2020 & planning to go for sale agreement now and registration afterwards by Jan end. Construction was completed by Q1 of 2020 & builder started allocating flats by June 2020 Now, as I got my cost breakup for sale agreement, i can see 51000 being charged under title of maintenance for year. Earlier, i was informed by sales person that this is practice to take one year advance for maintenance by builder as builder has to take care of it till association is formed I was under impression was that, i will be charged maintenance after registration & possession property As there was no explicit mention of this thing in sales agreement, I tried taking it in written over mail for which CRM person replied that it will be charged from June 2020 till May 2021 My question is, as per RERA guidelines - ideally builder should not charge any maintenance cost for 1 year & if they are doing so it should be from date of registration or from the date builder decides ? As we were not there to utilize the things before registration, how can builder charge us with past expenses ? I am waiting to get answer of this question before signing sales agreement Thanks in advance ! Regards, Jignesh