Final order passed in civil writ petition 226/227

Final order was passed by single judge without commenting on merits of case on first hearing to respondent to decide the representation of petitioner about the wrong recruitment held by mandamus in 3 months and petition disposed of. Question is the counsel failed to pray the writ for certiorary against recruitment specifically. Neither asked for stay. He prayed as to issue a writ of mandamus or any other writ or order giving direction to respondents to decide representation by petioner. And court acted accordingly. Can we appeal ? If yes on what basis ? And which appeal What if the fault is in drafting of writ and delay on part of counsel ? No relief sought to petitioner he is at same place where he started the respondent will be deciding. Again question is after 3 months the contractual term of ineligible appointed candidate is ending. She enjoyed the salary snd petioner counsel failed to prsy for stay. Wr have document s obtained through RTI thst she does not meet nadic eligibility conditions. Some are advising fresh writ of certiorary Some says LPA. Against disposed of case not dismissed ??? Some says wait and watch for 3 month let the rrspondent file the reply and convey to u. Plesse suggest.