Neighbours Intimidation

Dear Sir/Madam, My family moved into a flat 2 months ago as tenants in rented accommodation. During occupancy we were asked to take up a small task of building maintenance i.e. switch-on water motor everyday for 1 month for once in every 6 months. The residents of the building also take turns in doing the same. This was the only task as part of building maintenance that was agreed between my family and the house owner. The rest of the maintenance work was not briefed nor agreed to be done by us as tenant. Recently, the neighbours of the apartment have  formed a new rule for maintenance since Jan 1 2021 which includes taking care of all maintenance work of the building (7 flats and general area) for 3 months continously. The maintenance includes taking care of several different tasks. Now they are demanding us to adopt the new rule and take charge of maintenance for 3 months continously without our consent and agreement. They are intimidating and forcefully asking us to take charge of maintenance for the whole building (7 flats and general area). The house owner himself was not aware of this information. Both, my family and house owner, are in shock. The neighbours seemed to have ganged up against us in this matter. The building does not have any association and no proper information and documentation for maintenance was given to us before occupancy. As tenants we did not agree for doing maintenance for the entire building nor does our tenancy contract mentions anything about it and it is difficult for us to take charge of such broad spectrum of maintenance work. What should I do now? What legal action or discourse should I take? Kindly help. In another scenario, one of the neighbour has been causing nuisance to my family by spotting small and silly mistakes and take this as an opportunity to insult and talk to us disrespectfully. I request you to share your legal opinion and advise us further. Regards,