In law problems

Hi I am 27 year old lady. I married (arranged marriage) with my husband 2 years ago. Me and My husband are living with his (my in-law) family. From the starting I am facing the problems of my mother-in-law’s nature. She is giving me too much stress for no reason. After coming 6 month here, I joined the job & for that I need to be at office for 7-8 hours a day. I put my all salary into my and my husband’s joint account. My husband took all the money from joint account into his separate account. I don’t have any problem with that. I told my husband about my MIL’s nature and told him to take new house and live separate from them. I was pregnant at that time. He told me that yes we will do & we will take new house after baby birth. Now I gave birth one baby boy & my husband said that we will not going anywhere and we will not purchasing any house. In return, I asked him to return my money back to me but he refused to return it also. I am really very stressed and feel cheated. What should I do?