Guest parking issues

I'm a tenant of a building in mumbai residing for the past 4 years it has 2 wings but due to internal problems between 2 buildings they have separated but the wing I'm staying in has still not been formed into a society and no committee has still been formed due to various reasons. Now my problem is that there is a guest parking all the time vacant and if I don't get parking outside my building which rarely happens I park my car in that guest parking and have seen other members of the building also doing the same.but when I park my car there Is This One member who always objects and complain to my owner. As there is no committee formed yet is there any rule that I can't park my car. As before when both the society was one the rule was for guest parkin members pay rs 25 and tenants rs 50 which made sense but now as theres a dispute happening even members of my wing dnt pay any money for the guest parking. So in this case what so tenants do as this one member is creating a nuisance to the tenants ... Please help