Builder issue

Madam/Dear Sir, I am a resident owner of a flat at Bhubaneswar. 200 flat owners are staying there in the apartment. After a long demand the promoters have allotted the parking space to the resident owners with inequality in allotment. The basis of allotment has not been mentioned in the registration or sale deed. Parking space allotment fee is only mentioned in the registration without mentioning the basis of allotment and had taken 1 lakh of rupees from each resident owner. Now few of the owners have got the parking space in the ground floor of the apartment with roof top and few have got the space in open area by giving same price. Here few are getting the more privileged by giving the same value for the common facilities. Can the less privileged owner demand the compensation whose vehicle will be parked in the open space area. In open area also the damage probability is higher. Kindly advise how to defend the builder again the society is still under the control of builder and has not handed over the charge to the society which is yet to be formed.