Employment/salary/termination dispute

Hello lawyers, I joined one private company as a business development executive on 2nd Feb. 2015. I went there continuously till 15thof July 2015. In my offer letter they did not mention on which date they will give salary, whether I must reach the company targets in order to get my salary. I told them on the day of interview that if this job is target oriented I don’t want to join. They agreed for this on that day. Thing is I have not been getting my salary on time right from the beginning, last 4 months I got my salary, but not on time every month, they exceeded time limit. They said they would give salary on 10th of every month; they could not fulfill their word. Last month I did not get my salary till 15th of July 2015. On 17thjuly I told them to give a experience certificate as I would like to attend for interview in some other company, he started blasting on me by saying that I have broken the terms and conditions of the company, I am supposed to serve the company at least 6 months, then I said ok sir I agree your company terms and conditions then I decided not to attend any interview and remain in his company, I told him the same. Then I asked my salary, he keeps on saying he will give my salary next day, next day, he did not give till 23rd July. I called him on 23rd July he started saying I was fired because I have broken the terms and conditions of the company then he said I will get my salary after two months only. I need to write a letter to hr manager about my resignation then they will approve then I will get my salary. On which reason he can fire me? If I don’t get salary on time why should I stick with that company? Not getting my salary on time was the only reason for me to decide to attend the interview in some other company; in fact I did not go for interview also. My question here is in which way I have broken rules of the company? Does rules only meant for employees only? Why can’t manager follow the rules of the company by giving my salary on time? Can I sue manager in the court? Please provide good solution for me. Thank you.