Pocession issue and mentally tourchered

Sir I buy a house in one society whose deal done on 04 Oct 2020 by clarification of 55%ammount paid by me with in one month and as loan sention sale agreement done As loan sentioned on 27oct 2020 I do my side peyment by 05nov and sale agreement done on 10nov after that on 27 Nov 2020 bank releases 25.2 lacks to builder remaining ammount is 2.80lacks as I mentioned all to builder I need house before 31dec as I got transferred and I have to vacant my quater otherwise management imposed rent on me so I need the home to be completed by 30and handover key 🗝️ of same but on 24 he told me that we need all 60lacks but I tell him that also intimate bank to give final disbursement ammount but he said that I ll valuation the property and den handover ammount and I urge builder plz do handover he urge me to give 280000check as security I also give them as I have to shift but on today he not give me key as evening I talk he said sir you give application that till 10jan if our disbursement not done by bank then your check will encash from builder end then we will allow to shift on home although I book packers mover all my furniture work started but I am in trouble and mental tension plz help me out what to do and I don't know rule that whether builder do my encashment if disbursement what about my loan ammount