Refund From Builder

Dear Sir, I paid Rs.2 lakh to builder for booking amount of plot.After legal verification they were not able to provide all the documents asked by my lawyer so builder asked me to cancel the booking and agreed to refund the booking even they have given a written letter head that booking amount is refundable in case of cancellation. But when i cancelled the booking and asking for refund they are asking to come to office and submit the receipt and then only can refund the amount. I told them that submitting the receipt is not required and once i get the refund then only I can submit the receipt or i can send through courier. I don't want to go to builder's office before getting the refund as builder is small so not worried about their reputation might be forcefully ask to submit the receipt. I have already raised complaint in but have not received refund yet. How can i proceed legally in this case and also i have paid Rs.6500 to lawyer for legal verification can i get this amount also back as builder is not able to provide me all legal documents ? Thanks