Lease Agreement issue

Hi all,, My mother has made an lease agreement for one of our house in 2013 for 3 years for 50,000/-. In 2016 she has signed an extended lease for 3 more year with additional lease amount of Rs 50,000/-. I was not aware of this since my elder brother and mother have signed the lease agreement. In year 2016 my mother passed away and extended lease agreement has expired in year 2019. However the tenant was interacting with my Bother who was least bothered about it. In Sep'2020 tenant approached me and i asked for 2 months. On Dec 10th 2020 i asked the tenant to share the account details so that i can transfer 50,000/- and asked how much time he need to vacate the house. He said he need one month time. I was okay with it and told him that he can vacate by 31st Jan 2021. Now he is demanding to pay complete amount in cash and he will vacate the house in 3 months from the day amount is paid to him. As per the extended agreement below points are mentioned which he is quoting and using to force me to pay the amount in full and 3 months time to vacate. 1. 1st Party (My Mother) - If I delay in returning the lease amount at the end of the lease agreement 2nd Party (tenant) can stay in the house till I return the lease amount in complete. 2. If 2nd Party wants to vacate the house or 1st party wants the property to be vacated as per his/her need, then same need to be intimated 3 months in advance. However there is one point which is mentioned as 3. I agree to pay the Lease amount in full payment to 2nd Party at the time of vacating the house at the end of lease duration. keeping the point 2 and 3 as reference from the agreement i told them that you can stay for 3 months from Dec'20 and i will pay the amount on the day of vacating the house. Also i said as per the point one i will give the amount now and one month time and you can vacate the house. But he is not ready to do anything and he is clubbing all the 3 points and says that He need the full amount now and he will vacate the house after 3 months as you need the house now.. Please help me how can be handled this.