Regarding land ownership

Sir,i am from Tiptur a small city of tumkur district,Karnataka My question is about land ownership...coming to the question...a bypass road amendment is passed in around 1984 to 1986(not sure about the exact year year) as a result of this government is step forward to aquire the land belonging to the people and my father received notice regarding that too..but after several years my father decided to sell the land which is 3.34 hectare to a buyer after receiving the notice about land aquisition out of 3.34 hectare .44 hectare gone to bypass road but he signed the paper in 1992 which shows 3.34hectare is what he is question here is after the .44 hectare land gone to bypass then how can he own that part...and now in this year bypass road is cancelled and the government has decided to return back the aquired land to original owners...another thing is government has given the land acquisition compensation to the buyer not my can this be possible my father sold the land after bypass amendment is passed so the land of bypass cannot go to the buyer and he must get only 2.9 hectare out of 3.34 hectare according to my view...pls help me out to clear thus dilemma