Ex-Flatmate cheating on security deposit

I moved in to a rented 3bhk (35k total rent, 11667 per person) house as a replacement in Haryana , the lease agreement was in the name of 3 individuals, 2 of them were my ex-coworkers and the other is Mr X (who is allegedly keeping everyone's share in the deposit) I replaced 1 guy in that house (1 of my ex co-worker), gave him his share of security deposit (22k) and started living there in Jan'20 without renewal of lease. Due to covid Pandemic, left the house in march'20 (vacated along with my belongings) and moved to my hometown as I had lost my job and landlord agreed to waive off the rent of April. Come May and Mr X start asking for the rent (he was the medium, we transferred the rent to him and he then transferred it to the landlord). I talked regarding this to the landlord since I'm not living there and vacated entirely please waive off my rent entirely and return my deposit. He said that I can return the deposit if you all vacate and not if 1 does, you can talk amongst yourselves and take the desicion, also regarding the rent if the other 2 can pay for the rent of entire property (35k) then you can discuss but he will take entire rent. Hesitatingly I gave the rent as I shared it with my co-worker and thought I will get the deposit amount back once I can find replacement. Same way I paid the rent for June as well since I thought it won't be wrong by the other 2 guys and I will get deposit back. All this time only Mr. X was living in the house (from April to October) and using its amenities. I was dependent on him to find possible replacement but never could find any. He vacated the house mid October and the landlord retuned him the entire deposit (share of other 2 as well) in cash with deductions (total deposit 66k , landlord deducted 10k for his stay of around 10 days in October and 16k for possible Electricity bill in October, so he got 40k) What happens next is the Electricity bill comes out to be 41K in October (for 4 months, 1st June to 1st October). Mr X since he has already holding our share of deposit, demanded that I should also pay for the Electricity bills of march to June (13k total for the property.) and the other facilities like maintenance, security guard, wifi etc. (Basically till the months I paid rent he wants me to share for everything) and this does not end here, the other tenant was also not living in the premises since march still mr X is asking my coworker to pay the half share for the October Electricity bill as well and for the other tenant Mr X has quoted since march to October as around 31k ( around 9k extra needs to be paid since 22k of my coworker is already with Mr X ). Even Mr X has not paid for the electricity bill, which now has increased to 44k due to late charges and thus landlord might also have to pay Electricity out of his pocket Now Mr X is not responding my messages since last 2 Months and I think he intends to pay no one at all What are my options and who is liable to return my money?