My brother applied for divorce based on ground creulty, he was staying in his wife house since last 9 years and in these 9 years he havent come to our home atlease once. his wife family also stays with them and they torchered him like not giving food, abusing him and his mother etc.. he sent a legal notice to his wife and in reply they filed a missing case on him..for which police SI has called to my brothers lawyer and said that as you have sent legal notice , please follow the court rules and finally that police said to my lawyer to make my brother call to that SI once. here what will that police say to my brother.? and we are afraid of the threat from other party. so if police asks my brother to come to police station to record his statement, can he go to local police station where he lives at present instead of the police station where his wife raised the complaint because we are afraid that his wifes family may manipulate police or lock him up there once he goes or beat him or get him beaten up by police.?