Tenant not vacating the flat

Dear Sir/ Madam I have a flat in joint name with my wife in Indore (mp) which I have rented to a person in July 2019. The agreement is executed by my wife. My tenant's behaviour was not good and was not paying rent on time since inception, so in February 2020 I gave him one month's notice to vacate the flat. He then went to court and filed a case against my wife. The court summon was not recieved my wife as she was not in town when the court officials came to deliver it in the last week of February 2020. After we didn't recieved any notice or summon and due to imposition of lockdown, courts are not functioning in Indore and dates are extended by courts. I want the help on following points 1. My tenant has not paid rent for last 10 months, however he is paying maintenance charges and electricity bills regularly, what are options available for us ? 2. Are there any chances that my tenant has obtained a stay order during online court sessions in lockdown period? 3. I have tried to search the case details online and found that next hearing for the case is scheduled on January 27 2021, so shall I wait for court to deliver summon or shall act proactively to get the summon from court?