Conjugal rights

I got married with my husband nov,2019.after one week of our marriage my in laws started mental torture on me.and my husband never raised his voice against of in laws tried to dominate me in every steps of conjugal life even in my personal area.They started to tell me to leave my job but I didn't accept their lock down period I got to know that my husband is addicted to marijuana which is illegal in India.I tried to convince him but he is not willing to give up.then one day he got furious and he did physical torture on me.On the next day I left my matrimonial house.its going 7 months since we are thus duration he demanded divorce.i didn't reciprocate.before few days my husband sent me a legal notice on conjugal rights and he made many silly allegations on me.I also sent the reply against my husband's letter. as I rejected to go to my matrimonial house on the basis of now but I told him if he will come with the positive attitude to the relationship then I may think of it..What can my husband do in the next step...Please help me.. P.S I have made a GD on the day of leaving day of my matrimonial house but I didn't do FIR due to emotions.