Property sell complication and should it be in our name to do so

My father is deceased and my mother is staying in the house in Varanasi and now she wants to sell the house .. the land is in the name of my father but the issue is my four uncles live in the same vicinity and when the land was purchased was purchased by all four of them and then it was not mutually setteled and there is a small gallery used by all to get in and out of the house but since our house is in the back we are being told that if we try to sell the property the pathway will be blocked and will not be able to pass through .. i request you to give me some insight of how to move forward ..and also is it necessary to get the place converted to me and my brothers name to sell it .my Name is Binoy, brother is vibhav mishra and we both have no problems in selling the property and i am providing my moms no and my email ID since i am out of country i have the following documents 1 KHATAUNI having all the four uncles name 2 ELECTRICITY BILL.. in my moms and gathers name 3 true copy pariwar register 4 fathers death certificate 5 gas connection bill mom and fathers name 6 ration card