Medical malpratice

On may 14th, 2015 my grand ma was not well and we consulted a doctor from our place. He gve her 3 injections at that time and he said tht its urine infection without checking her urine. Then she went home. on the same day evening she again well ill and took to a hospital were the same doc is working( the doctor itself said us to take her to his hospital). on the next day morning she was well and at evening time the doctor gave her 4 antibiotic injections and after half an hour her condition went worse. then we took an ambulance and went to another hospital and the doctors of tht hospital said tht her brain, her heart, kidney, liver and her lungs is filled with fluid which is caused due to wrong medicine given by the doc which she consulted. which was admitted in mangalore kmc hospital later. i doctors saod there is only 2% chance for her survival. but because of GOD's grace she survived and was in hospital for almost 40 days. i want a file a complain aganist this doctor for medical malpratice.