Minor's Property

We are a siblings of three - 2 brothers and one sister, my father bought a land of & acres in 1992, he expired in a car accident in 1996, leaving behind four of us Inclides our mother. We all were Minor's at that time my age was 8 years my sister 5 years and my brother just 3 yrs. It so happened that in 2002 one my uncle pressurized our mom and got an unregistered POA and subsequently executed a sale deed in his wife's favour in 2006. For all these not even a single rupee, we got and totally he cheated and threatened. All This I came to know in 2017 since my mom also didnt tell me out of fear , in 2017, when I got married, I came to know about all these and put a case In the District court immediately i.e in 2018 September, well before completion of 12 years of sale deed. Sir now I ask is there any possibility for us to get back our land of 5 acres. Since my other two siblings were Minor's at the time of sale deed and I was just over 18. Is there any remedy for us against this injustice sir.