Legal heir to property

My grandfather has a property in our village which is a farming land. My grandfather and his brothers (4 brothers in total) have their land there adjacent to each other. My grandfather passed away before making and will(in 1996) and so none of my uncles got their share in property. Also, My fathers uncle who is younger brother of my grandfather also stayed with my our family up till his death in 2014.My father took care of him and nursed him up till his very last day. His(grandfather's brothers) sons and daughters (4 in total) came together and named my father as the sole heir to his property or whatsoever since he took care of him in his last day. No written bond was made since then. Now in the present all my uncles want a share to the property because of some financial circumstances. my question is as follow- 1.WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE TO FOLLOW TO GET A SHARE IN THE PROPERTY? 2.WHAT IS THE LEGAL WAY TO GO THROUGH TO GET THE LAND THAT BELONGS TO MY FATHERS UNCLE(MY GRANDFATHERS OWN YOUNGER BROTHER WHO PASSED AWAY AT OUR HOME) TO MY FATHERS NAME AND MAKE HIM SOLE HEIR TO THE LAND THAT BELONGED TO HIM? Some additional information about the property 1.its in a village in north karnataka uncle ie my fathers younger brother is currently maintaining both the property The property that belongs to my fathers uncle is located adjacent to each other so he is farming on both and also my grand father had 3 other brother who are deceased now but their children are also farming in the property that respect lively belongs to them but they have also not distributed the property accordingly among them so even they are also wanting to share it among themselves but they are eyeballing the property that belongs to the uncle whose property is to be inherited by my father.