Child custody to stop through video conference reconciliation

Sir /madam My name is fathima I got married in 2008 after I gave a male child in 2009 my husband got second marriage in 2009 before my marriage he had a love affire with a Hindu girl got married her after converting into Islam after that I got divorce in 2011 I filled DVC, maintenance , Dowry due to this he has filled custody child case for my child in 2012 we met last In 2010 he was working in Dubai before my marriage now the custody case stage is for reconciliation both father and mother the father want to do reconciliation through video conference petition filed u/s 65A,^5b,67B,73A of evidence Act R/W sec 151 CPC AND SEC 10(3) OF FAMILY COURT ACT NOW I want to stop it and I am requesting to the court to call to India FOR reconciliation IN THE PERSONAL PERSENCE THAT IS NOT Possible through video conference IS THERE IS any judgments from supreme court or any sections in the family court to stop this through video conference please help me