Property disputes

Total no.of properties....3 Flat no 304.... father .. Govind Huilgol in his name. Shop no.35.... father...Govind Huilgol in his name Shop no. 25 .... mother..Shakuntala Huilgol in her name. Mother never worked or no income from any source. All 3 properties owned by father's earnings. Father made two in the year 2000in favour of wife. One in the year 2004 in favour of son. Father expired in 2005 September Both wills filed in court to get probet in 2007. In 2016 diwani court passed order 2004 will is genuine. Mother appeals in district court.order is pending till date. In 2004 will, father bequeathed mother's named shop to son after her death. Flat 304 after her death... Shop no.35 after his death. Still all properties in mother's coustody. Mother made her named shop giftdeed to daughter in 2011. When shop is in the matter of court. Now daughter transferred share certificate to her name by taking order of dy registrar office. My self Madhavi... widow of Dilip Huilgol Daughter in law of Govind and Shakuntala Huilgol. Legal heir of Dilip Huilgol. My question is...1) can father give shop to son? Which is in mother's name through will .he written in will that i owned by my earnings. 2) can mother allow to make giftdeed to daughters name when the property is in matter of court. Please answer.